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***All beats produced by industry acclaimed producer 6amarj. Worked with producers such as t9conthetrack(Drake), KXVI (21 Savage), Repko (Trippie Redd)

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In today’s hyper competitive music landscape, originality is currency. By investing in the Personal Producer Service, you’re not just signing up to create music; you’re building a brand that stands out from the crowd. With our help, you’ll have a strategic advantage in capturing the attention of fans, industry professionals, and tastemakers alike. With a combined experience of 8 years in production and music culture, producing for over 350 independent artists in various genres, we are more than well equipped to bring your vision to life. In addition to this, we also take care of post production and pre release essentials like mixing, mastering and artwork creation.

  • Unparalleled Customisation

    Don’t settle for cookie-cutter beats. This is what lumps you in the basket of just another “SoundCloud rapper”. Everyone is using the same beats! Our service is designed to elevate your artistry to new heights, transforming your raw ideas into polished masterpieces.

  • Elevated Artistry

    Your music is more than just a series of sounds—it’s an expression of your soul. Our service is designed to elevate your artistry to new heights, transforming your raw ideas into polished masterpieces by close collaboration and revisions until you are satisfied with the final product.

  • Time and Energy Savings

    As an artist, your time and energy are precious commodities. More energy needs to be spent on marketing, networking, shows, etc.The typical artist gets bogged down in searching for the perfect beat online for hours on end, worrying about if the mix and master will sound good live, wasting time/money for artwork. Leave it to us. From refining your musical concepts to releasing the perfect final mix and master, we’re committed to helping you realize your creative vision with clarity and confidence. As an artist, your time and energy are precious commodities. More energy needs to be spent on marketing, networking, shows, etc.


  • Access to all beats on my catalog (unlimited license(mp3, wav, stems), NOT exclusive license) (Market Value: $350 per track)
  • As many custom beats you want (custom beats take time to make…if you only want custom beats we will aim for 3 releases MAX a month to ensure, arrangement, mixing , etc is up to your vision). Unlimited revisions (Market Value: $1,000 and up per track)
  • As many mix and masters you need (only on 6amarj beats) (Market Value: $500 and up for a single pro mix)
  • Free artwork for your releases monthly (Market Value: $50-$300 and up)
  • Song release assistance if needed (will manage your Distrokid account)
  • Quick and easy communication via your preferred channel

In essence, our service isn’t merely about producing beats for you—it’s about igniting the spark of creative genius within you and propelling you toward your artistic destiny. By entrusting us as your steadfast partners in music production, you’re not just making a transaction; you’re making an investment—an investment in the relentless pursuit of your dreams, in the unwavering belief in your talent, and in the unwritten chapters of your musical legacy

*Switch to the “Custom Beats” tab above to see some work I have done for artists signed up to the bespoke personal producer service

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Dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest quality product and support needed to craft masterpieces

Try Before You Buy

All beats are offered for free download so you can try before you buy and makes sure the beat is right for you.

Variety Of Beats

Our catalogue includes a variety of various genres including UK Drill, Jersey Club, New Jazz, Pop, R&B, Trap, Hip-Hop and even fusions of these!

High Quality, release Ready

All beats are professionally mixed & mastered to the industry standard. Sound like a pro today.

Versatile Applications

Beats can be used for movies, YouTube videos, advertising, etc.


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Benefits of Personal Producer Services?

Allows for complete customization of your sound and saves your time, effort and money as it comes with free revisions, mixing, mastering, artwork. It is a monthly service for serious artists releasing regularly to not only save time and resources, but stand out from the crowd with oyur own unique sound. Pricing is flexible and based on budget. Get in touch today!

How can I buy beats?

You can buy beats via the beatstore above, click “+add” next to the beats you’d like to purchase, select your desired license and proceed to the checkout section.

When will I receive my purchase?

You will instantly receive your files after purchase via email, along with a signed license agreement, delivered to the email address you enter at checkout.

Will voice tag be removed after I purchased the beat(s)?

Yes, all beats are delivered untagged (without watermarks) in 24bit .wav or 320kbs mp3 format, depending on your chosen license type.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal as well as all major credit or debit cards. All credit or debit card transactions are processed via PayPal. You can pay via crypto, CashApp,etc as well. Please DM @6amarj_ on IG if you wish to purchase via other methods besides PayPal and major credit or debit cards.

What happens to other license holders if I buy an exclusive license?

If you buy an exclusive license, the beat will be removed from the shop and will not be sold from there on. Current license holders for the beat will still be able to use the instrumental as per the license terms until expiry of the license but will not be able to renew the license.

Can I Find You On Social Media

Yes, you can connect with me on IG @6amarj_ and can also subscribe to my YT channel @6amarj where I post multiple beats weekly.

Need Help?

Complete the form on the right with your queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can message me on Instagram @6amarj_ for a quicker response.



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Arjun “6amarj” Magesh is a multi-genre music producer that started out producing beats in his college dorm for his friends in Cleveland, Ohio. Over time, word of his prodigious talent rippled through the corridors of his college, permeating the very fabric of Cleveland’s music scene and transcending geographical boundaries to resonate with aspiring artists across the United States.

Presently, he produces for over 350 independent and industry artists worldwide and the number continues to grow every year. He has worked with major artists from US, Europe, Asia and Australia.


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